Expect your tub seal to last?

Did you install Nice Trim Fit?

STOP wasting your time & money caulking around tubs, showers and other moisture critical joints.

Without Nice Trim Fit, you can expect to peel, scrape and rip out your old stained and moldy silicone sealant every few years.Silicone does not effectively adhere to acrylic bathtubs and surrounds and causes the tub to separate from the tile or acrylic backing allowing moisture to penetrate the structure of your bathroom or kitchen. Water also pools in the corners of tubs and showers creating an active breeding ground for mold and mildew. Eeew!

There has to be a better solution!

Nice Trim Fit is a revolutionary systemto seal tubs, showers, tile surrounds, backsplashes, and more. It provides a permanent seal with a professionally installed look that works for every sealing project.

A standard Nice Trim Fit kit consists of two 6’ lengths of NTF trim, with 3M VHB tape applied to the underside of the trim tab, which we call the ‘sealing configuration.’ These two lengths of NTF are enough to trim the three sides of a standard tub (using mitred joints in the corners).

Our Installation Tips

All pieces are measured, cut, and pre-fit to ensure a proper seal.

Ensure your work area is clean and free of all old silicone & debris. We recommend using a utility knife, vacuum, razor scraper & isopropyl alcohol to prep the area.

A generous bead of silicone is applied to the top of the trim tab, and as the trim is inserted into the gap between the tub surface and the bottom tiles, the red backing can slowly be peeled off the VHB adhesive tape. Apply pressure along the entire length of the trim, to ensure a tight seal. Make sure to smooth off any silicone that oozes out along the top edge of the trim.

That’s it! You did it!

Let it cure for at least 3 hours. After, you have a permanent watertight seal around your tub. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. And most importantly, NO MORE MOLD!

Nice Trim Fit, is not only a tub sealing solution, but makes for perfect baseboard coving! When installing new baseboards, leave the required gap, and insert NTF for a watertight seal around your floor. No more spilled orange juice under your cabinets!

Perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, boats, RVs and more! Anywhere you need to keep water out, and want professional installation results, Nice Trim Fit is your permanent sealant solution!

Retail Services

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Nice Trim Fit holds US & Canadian patents for both the design of the trim’s profile, and for the sealing systems’ method of application