Don’s Story


Don Fletcher is a self-employed contractor with over 30 years experience renovating kitchens & bathrooms. He specializes in finding solutions to construction & renovation problems that other companies won’t touch. These instincts for innovation led to the inspiration behind Nice Trim Fit.

It literally happened in a eureka moment! While relaxing in the tub, Don realized that the silicone seal around his tub had failed. Mold was beginning to show, and it would have to be replaced, again! Ugh! And that’s when it hit him: develop a mold resistant trim that uses a mold proof adhesive to create a permanent seal.

Don leapt out of the bath to jot down his inspiration. Shortly after, Don liquidated his construction company, and poured all of his efforts into developing Nice Trim Fit.

After 4 sealing designs, Don settled on the current profile shape. The product is versatile, and can be used for sealing tubs, coving baseboards & capping tiles (depending on which trim surface the VHB tape is adhered to). Now NTF is able to bend to any curve or radius, and can adhere to surfaces, creating seamless 90 degree corners.

After 5 years of R&D, Nice Trim Fit is a recognized product ready for retail. Endorsed by 3M, one of the worlds’ most respected brands, and holding patents in Canada and the US, Nice Trim Fit is the sealing solution you need!

Whether you're sealing around a tub or shower, or capping around a backsplash, or even coving baseboards, Nice Trim Fit is your permanent watertight solution to mold, mildew & leaks.

Our motto? Strive to be successful!

By offering innovative, effective and affordable products and giving back to the community wherever possible, NTF strives to be successful in all its’ sealing initiatives.

Affordable & Easy to Use:

Just think, you may never have to go through the time-consuming and laborious task of replacing moldy silicone ever again.

Our Missions

NTF™ donates products to worthwhile causes. By donating a share in the company to a Winnipeg homeless shelter, it allows us to share our success with those in our community who need help the most.

Nice Trim Fit is Manitoba owned and operated. NTF trim is also produced, packaged and shipped from Manitoba… a truly Manitoban success story!

NTF Solutions

Whether you're building new or renovating, a professional contractor or do-it-yourselfer, Nice Trim Fit provides a permanent watertight seal, while eliminating the potential of mold& mildew damage. Our easy to install solution has multiple applications and finishes off every project with a nice, clean, professionally installed look.